Studies for Women

Engage: God. Self. Others.
Join us on Wednesdays this summer as we learn to engage with God, ourselves, and others.

Runs June 2 through July 28, and offered at 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Schedule, resources and sign up links below.

About this study

Engage with God, through personal time, prayer and study. Engage with self, by exploring spiritual gifts, engaging your heart and analyzing the dance of fear and pride. Engage with others by sharing your story, listening and asking questions, and introducing others to the good news of Jesus.

2 “Engage with God: Personal Time with the Lord through the Word, Silence, Meditation, & Prayer” with Laurel Ditto (Watch here; handout is here)
9 “Engage with God: Bible History Overview” with Lorianne Merritt (watch here; handout is here)
16 “Engage with Self: Spiritual Gifts” with Laura Stacy (watch here; handout is here)
23 “Engage with Self: Tools for Engaging Your Heart” with Judy Dorris and Julie Knestrick (watch here; handout is here)
30 “Engage with Self: The Dance of Fear & Pride” with Betsy Thomas (watch here; handouts are here)

14 “Engage with Others: Listening & Asking Questions” with Amanda Andrews Owens (watch here; handout is here)
21 “Engage with Others: Introducing Others to the Ultimate Gift, the Gospel” with Natalie Lemarbre (watch here; handout is here.)
28 “Engage with Others: Sharing Your Story in a Broken World” with Mary Berndt (watch here; handout is here)

Let us know you’re coming!
For 10 a.m. go here.
For 6:30 p.m. go here.

Questions? Email Anne Lacy.

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