Youth at West End Community Church (YWECC) is a place for 7th-12th grade students to find community and belonging as they explore who Jesus is and what the gospel really means for their lives.

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About this ministry

Junior high and senior high students come to YWECC (Youth at West End Community Church) to build relationships and learn more about Jesus. Over the years, students develop deep friendships and grow in faith as they do life together.

Our YWECC leaders are heavily involved in students’ lives and love spending time with them throughout the week. We desire all students to feel seen, known, and loved.

Relationships are very important to us so we provide many opportunities to gather. We meet as a larger group on Sundays for Real Talk, have smaller discipleship groups (DGROUPS), retreats, camps, and serving opportunities—we love to be together and have fun!

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Sunday Mornings | 10:30 a.m. | The Hanger building
Real Talk is a Sunday Morning Class geared specifically for 7th-12th grade students. We gather, fellowship, and look at God’s Word together.

Wednesday Evenings | 6:30 p.m. | The Hanger building
DGROUPS (Discipleship Groups) are the heart and soul of YWECC. Broken down by gender and age group, a trained and awesome leader meets each week with students to walk through life, fellowship, study God’s Word, pray together, and hold one another accountable.

Meet our DGROUP leaders here

First Wednesday of the Month | 6:30 p.m. | The Hanger building
The first Wednesday of every month Junior High meets all together for Club 440 and Senior High meets all together for First Wed. This is a time of games, worship, and large group teaching.

For a complete list of seasonal events, please see our event calendars and parent guides:




Ministry Questions

Real Talk is YWECC’s Sunday morning gathering for both junior and senior high. Students gather in The Hanger during second service for a time of fellowship followed by a discussion on how the bible speaks to the relevant things in our lives.

Real Talk is not a replacement for church, but a time for YWECC students to gather after Sunday morning worship. If your family has to make a choice between attending the service together or attending Real Talk, we’d encourage you to attend corporate worship with your family.

YWECC’s favorite season is the summer. From camps, bible studies, playing games, pool parties and hanging out, summer is an ideal time to join the YWECC fun. Wednesday Night Life (JrHi) and Thursday Night Hangs (SrHi) take place each week. WNL is at 6:30 p.m. in the Hanger and TNH is at the Johnson’s home! Make sure you are following us on Instagram to get up-to-date info! We also have weekly activities for JrHi boys (Manday Monday), JrHi girls (Summer Splash), SrHi boys (Adventure Day), and SrHi girls (Fun-Day) as well as Tuesday Morning Prayer (TMP) for JrHi students. Check out our parent guides and calendars above for more details!

DGROUPS, Discipleship groups, are the heart and soul of YWECC. These groups meets weekly for fellowship, to read God’s word, hold each other accountable and pray together.

Groups are led by staff and volunteers and broken down by gender and grade and meet on Wednesday nights. 

The Student Leadership Team (SLT) is a leadership and discipleship program for juniors and seniors. We offer SLT members the opportunity to grow in biblical community, be intentionally discipled by YWECC staff and lead other students. Questions? Ask Leah for more details.

All volunteers go through thorough background checks and training to ensure a safe environment for the students.

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