West End to Host Sonship Week in October

Congregants qualify for a registration discount.

Join us for a transformative week!

West End Community Church is pleased to host Sonship Week 2021 – a week of transformative teaching, deep worship, honest small group discussions and personal mentoring – all based on Serge’s classic Sonship curriculum.

Many of us understand faith intellectually, but our hearts are not always on the same page. Sonship Week is designed to help you take some of the core theological truths of the gospel and apply them to deeper places so they show up in your daily life, in your relationship with your Heavenly Father, and being able to joyfully pursue your call to live missionally. At this retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a Serge mentor, who is trained to help you apply the gospel to every area of your life, ministry and relationships.

We highly recommended this retreat for ministry leaders, lay leaders, or anyone who is looking to revitalize a stale or stagnant relationship with God. We pray you’ll leave feeling spiritually renewed and ready to share the wonderful news of God’s loving kindness with others!

West End Community Church congregants can get a $100 discount by using code WECCMEMBER.

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