Mercy Ministry demonstrates God’s love and compassion to those in need, in both our congregation and our community, by providing support and assistance, which may be financial, physical, or spiritual in nature. At West End, the Care Ministry can provide the help you may need when life deals you an unexpected hardship or transition.

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Care Needs
Life is full of surprises and transitions. Whether you’re experiencing an illness, grieving a loss or expanding your family, the Care Team is committed to providing care during these times, extending grace in the form of practical support for short-term needs. Please reach out to any staff or Care Team Member on how we may support you.

Deacon Ministry
There are unexpected times of need in everyone’s life. The Deacons of West End seek to extend mercy to our church members during challenging seasons, potentially meeting a number of tangible and temporary needs. All requests are confidentially assessed by our Deacons, who will learn your story and how to best address your needs. Deacon’s assistance is intended for temporary needs until a longer-term solution becomes available.

Grief & Bereavement Ministry
Inevitably, all of us will enter into a season of grief. Whether we lost a loved one, are grieving over a medical diagnosis of a loved one or are experiencing a failed relationship, West End desires to provide the help and support you need. Through the Care Team, you won’t walk alone in the midst of this difficult time, and will be assured that the gospel is your source for true hope and healing during this season.

Adoption & Foster Ministry
The call to “look after orphans” is prominent throughout the Bible. The Adoption & Foster Ministry seeks to further God’s Kingdom by caring for the spiritual and physical needs of fostering and adopting families at West End and our community. Our hope is to show the love of Christ and advance the gospel through serving, supporting and loving those in our church and community who are rising up to care for children in need.

Other areas of our Care Ministry:

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