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The Bible places high importance on the concept of commitment, both in relationship with Christ and in community with a local branch of the church. We value this and believe relationships flourish in the context of commitment.

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Membership at West End

To be a member of a church is to make a public promise to live according to biblical teachings and to support the mission and ministry of the local church.

Membership in a local church is often essential to the joyful experience of the Christian life. We believe that the Bible invites all believers into membership in a local church for the individual’s good and for the benefit of the body of Christ at large. In our current culture, the whole idea of membership has been distorted and for many of us we aren’t sure what it means, much less whether or not we would want to participate in it. At West End, we view membership in the following framework:

1. Membership allows us to experience unity around the Gospel of Christ and faithful teaching of God’s word.
2. Membership in a church fits the New Testament examples of local groups of believers organized for the sake of caring for one another and their communities.
3. The Holy Spirit works in the context of churches in a unique and powerful way, amplifying the presence of Christ when the church is formally assembled.
4. Relationships flourish in the context of commitment and membership in a local church is a pledge to be committed to the welfare of a particular body of believers.

The process for membership at West End includes the following steps:

1. Attend a Discovery class: This class walks through the basics of what we believe at West End and how our church body lives out the gospel.
2. Membership Interview: After attending Discovery, meet with a Care pastor for a casual conversation about your faith journey to this point.
3. New Member Reception: During an upcoming Worship Service, new members will agree to the Membership Covenants and be welcomed by other members.

To inquire about membership, email Laura.


Baptism is a sacrament of the New Testament, ordained by our Lord Jesus Christ and is intended to communicate two things. First, it signifies our union with Christ and our participation in all of his saving work through faith in him. Second, it signifies our membership in the covenant community of God’s people. At West End, we believe that baptism is to be given to all who profess faith in the Lord Jesus and to the children of believing parents.

Child Baptism
There is no “perfect” age at which to baptize a child. When parents are ready, as early as 3 – 6 months, children can be brought before the congregation for baptism. We trust as children grow under the instruction of their parents and the love of our community that they come to know what is promised to them in their baptism: that God saves to the uttermost all those who have faith in him. Our hope and our expectation is that our children will come and claim all that has been promised to them. At least one parent must be a church member in order to baptize a child at West End.

Adult Baptism
While West End embraces infant baptism, we joyfully baptize individuals of all ages who have not previously been baptized. As with membership, the only requirement for baptism is a sincere profession of faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

To schedule a baptism, reach out to Diane.

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