‘Hope for Christmas’ Returns


Looking for a way to bless others? This is the West End family’s opportunity to sponsor children and families in need during the Christmas season.

We call this campaign Hope for Christmas because God uses us to offer love, hope, and relief to those around us who are burdened.

Use this Signup Genius form to choose a giving option. After signing up, you will receive an email with details about the items that are requested and instructions for packaging and drop-off.

  1. Sign up for a child listed by age and gender. Bless children served by Preston Taylor Ministries by providing specific items such as clothes, shoes, and toys.
  2. Sign up for a family gift. Serve families with Hope Clinic and Cockrill Elementary by providing items such as soaps, blankets, books, family board games, hats/scarves for a family gift of 4-6 items.

Items can be returned to the Discipleship Entrance and are due by Sunday, December 5.

To support Men of Valor this Christmas, visit their giving site here.

Questions? Contact Jenny Stoebner at jenny.stoebner[at]gmail.com