Waverly Flood: Opportunities to Serve


The Nashville Presbytery has identified some immediate ways we can serve our neighbors in Waverly who suffered so much loss due to the recent deadly flooding.

DONATE BOTTLED WATER: The flood knocked out the water utility in the affected areas, so the need is significant and ongoing. Best option: fill up a truck or van with cases of bottled water and take that to Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Dickson. They can both store and deliver cases. If you can’t haul water out to Dickson, Christ Community in Franklin or Covenant Presbyterian in Nashville will serve as collection points. Just drop off your cases of water outside the covered entrance (without blocking any doors) and deacons will coordinate transport to Dickson or directly to the flood zone.

Use the dropdown menu and choose ‘DISASTER RELIEF’

PRIORITIZE PRAYER: Pray for the victims, their families, and vocational responders as they begin the clean up and restoration process.